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Wild Love Records was founded in Sicily, in 2009 by some musicians from the Italian Independent Music Scene. The label’s first release was Return To Zero EP by Jackpine, 30 minutes of original math rock. Since then the label’s catalog has grown to include artists near and far. The label finds its bands organically and seeks to release music it's passionate about.
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Carlo Barbagallo - 9
New Album by Carlo Barbagallo featuring members of Suzanne'Silver, Movie Star Junkies, Oaxaca, Dead Cat In A Bag, Rhabdomantic Orchestra, Tapso II, Mashrooms, Loozoo, Noise Delivery, CoMET Percussion Project, Mediterraneo Radicale, Studiolo Laps, Totem Contemporaine, SMET.


released May 5, 2017 

Written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo Barbagallo. 

Released in Italy by Trovarobato, Malintenti. 
Released in EU by Noja Recordings, Stereo Dischi, Wild Love Records. 

IT Promotion: A Buzz Supreme 
IT Booking: Modernista 
EU Promotion & Booking: 5roses press 
Management: Pentagram Arts 

Personnel (alphabetical order): 
Francesco Accardi - “Cypress Tree” lyrics 
Luca Andriolo - acting male voice in “Nothing”, fuzz screaming voice and melody helper in “9 years” 
Michele Anelli - upright bass 
Carlo Barbagallo - songwriting and lyrics, guitars, vocals, bass guitar in “Save Hide Save” and “Cypress Tree”, piano in “Cypress Tree”, Organ in “Nothing” and “9 Years”, Rhodes in “Her King” 
Stefano Bassanese - electroacoustic coil in “Rust” 
Sergio Battaglia - saxophones except in “9 years” 
Emilio Bernè - double drums in “Cypress Tree”, “Nothing” & “Rust” 
Elaine Bonsangue - choir, female acting voice and italian lyrics in “Nothing”, “Her King” lyrics 
Maurizio Busca - saxophones in “Rust”, clarinets 
Pasquale Calò - saxophones in “Rust” and “Save Hide Save” 
Remo De Vico - electronics in “11 dreams”, “Clowns”, “9 Years”, “Her King” 
Alberto ‘Boto’ Dutto - fuzz electric guitar in “9 Years” 
Mauro Felice - double drums expect in “Cypress Tree” and “Nothing” 
Giovanni Fiderio - violins 
Michele Guglielmi - rhodes in “Save Hide Save” and “9 Years” 
Luca Iorfida - rhodes and vibraphones in “Nothing” 
Jean-Francois Laporte - feedback objects and springs in “9 Years” 
Enrico Messina - piano except in “Cypress Tree”, organ expect in “Nothing” and “9 Years” 
Carola Musumeci - choir in “Nothing” 
Stanislas Pili - percussions in “9 Years” 
Manuel Volpe - bass guitar expect in “Cypress Tree”, “Save Hide Save”, “Nothing” and “Her King” 

Cover Team: 
E<->CB - concept 
Elaine Bonsangue - art director 
Corrado Lorenzo Vasquez - photographer 
Mauro Felice - cover design 
Elisa Marchese - sketches 
Salvo Pappalardo - set design 
Aldo Ciulla & Ségolène Le Contellec - lights 
Laura Basile, Valeria Battiato, Elaine Bonsangue, Alessandra Castronuovo, Ginevra Maria Lentini, Klizia Raciti Longo, Maria Chiara Morale, Monica Pintaldi, Giovanna Zisa - models 
Zo Centro Culture Contemporanee, Catania - set
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New band for Wild Love Records

Like Lazarus is the new album by Suzanne'Silver.
Release Date: March 16, 2015.

>>>PRE-ORDER 12'' LP here<<<

Vinyl release co-produced by Pied De Biche, Musica Per Organi Caldi, Canalese Noise, Hysm?, New Sonic, Rotten Pope, Goat Man, Doremillaro, Arsonica, Wild Love, Radio Is Down.

MC release produced by Edwood featuring an alternative mix version of the album plus the bonus impro album "Lampi Grevi" (also included in the download version)

Suzanne'Silver is a four-piece band from the south-east coast of Sicily.
In almost 20 years, the band toured several times USA & Europe and produced two full-lenght LP's ('The Crying Mary' -2007- & 'Deadband' -2012-), both released by US label Radio Is Down, two live albums (the acoustic set 'La Madonna Soprattutto' -2011, Onehundredirty- & the electric set 'Miracoli' - soon released by Musica Per Organi Caldi) & an experimental 2-tracks EP ("The Game" -2013, Noja Recordings / Stereo Dischi-).
Discography: suzannesilver.bandcamp.com

Written & arranged by Suzanne'Silver
Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Carlo Barbagallo for Noja Recordings.
Recorded at BTG (Born To Grill, Monte Renna, Siracusa) in December 2013-January 2014 & July-August 2014.

1. Hawaii: We Failed
2. As A Child
3. You Might Be Hurt
4. Paper Of The Way
5. 6 A.M.
6. Tomorrow Ear

Accardi: Slide Electric Guitar, Voice
Barbagallo: Bass Guitar, Voices
Felice: Triple Drums, Monkey Screams
Serra: Electric Guitars, Organ, Bass Keyboard, Voices, Lyrics

Accardi: Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Barbagallo: Bass Guitar, Piano, Voice, Lyrics
Felice: Drums
Serra: Electric Guitar, Voice

Accardi: Electric Guitar
Barbagallo: 8bit Piano, Voices
Felice: Drums
Serra: Slide Electric Guitar, Bass Keyboard
Urgese: Lyrics

Accardi: Slide Bass Guitar, Soul Crowd
Barbagallo: Electric Guitar, Voices
Felice: Drums, Noisy Keyboard
Serra: Electric Guitar, Soul Crowd, Lyrics

6 A.M.
Accardi: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lyrics
Barbagallo: Piano, Bass Guitar, Manipulations, Choir
Felice: Drums
Gigliuto: Choir
Serra: Bass Keyboard, Electric Guitar, Choir, Voice

Accardi: Slide Bass Guitar
Barbagallo: Acoustic Guitar, Electronics & Manipulations, Choir
Felice: Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Electronics
Gigliuto: Electric Guitars
Serra: Keyboards, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Choir, Voices, Lyrics

LAMPI GREVI (MC Release Bonus Track)

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The Music Of Mashrooms Band will be part of a DocuMovie.
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New Video
Mashrooms - Rising Sun

"Rising Sun", taken from the album Balena released on Wild Love Records in 2015. 

Listen to the full album on http://spoti.fi/2hyNaZy

Filmed on a trip to New York by Ansaldo
Edited by Vincent G. 

Thanks to Fredrika B. and Janet L.


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Official Video
SUZANNE 'SILVER | Paper of the way
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A Night On The Ship/Employee N°1 OFFICIAL VIDEO

Thanks to
Martina Rotilio / Editing
MariaVittoria Trovato / Shooting

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Wild Love Records, New Sonic Records and Pied De Biche Records are proud to announce their next release, MASHROOMS the rock-orchestra band from Sicily has finally given life to their 4th Album “Balena”. Recorded and mixed by David Lenci at LowSwingStudio in Berlin, mastered by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering Studio, Berlin. Have a listen to one of the tracks that will be part of their new Vinyl. Preorder available now on our SHOP


Release Date: 1th December 2014

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Mashrooms - Caponata Teaser

Pieter van Dijken is an amazing Graphic Motion Designer from Netherlands. He is working hard on making a new beautiful video for the track Caponata, just 15 seconds but they are enough to understand that it will be a super nice work !!! watch and share it

Listen to the full Album:


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Entrofobesse is now a Power Trio. They are working on new songs for their next release, here is a video from their latest live with the new line up.

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Mashrooms Next Shows

26 December | Friday
Siracusa , IT
Hendrix, H. 21:00

28 December | Sunday
Palermo , IT
Borderline, H. 21:00

29 December | Monday
Mazzara Del Vallo (TP), IT
Cult Wine Bar, H 21:00

30 December | Tuesday
Ragusa Ibla, IT
Il Piccolo Teatro Del Mercarto, H 21:00

3 January | Saturday
Taurianova (RC) - IT
Birreria 34, H 21:00

4 January | Sunday
Reggio Calabria - IT
La Saletta, H 21:00

5 January | Monday
Catania - IT
Zo, H 21:00 w/Stash Raiders

more shows will be added,
info: info@wildloverecords.com

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September 2014 - Italy

10 - Jazz Cafè (Frattamaggiore - Napoli)
11 - Arci Camalli (Imperia)
12 - Rural Indie Camp (Savignone - GE)
13 - Festival solare/tetro (San Martino Spino - Mo)
14 - T-Trane (Perugia)

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